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Assembly & Packaging

WP has a broad experience base in providing various levels of packaging and assembly services. We can perform light assembly operations and individually package your retail product. From toys to flight aerospace hardware, we’ve probably helped put together projects like yours.


We offer complete or partial product assembly, specializing in high volume, labor intensive operations. Our capabilities include coordination of raw materials and inventory management, assembly line production, inspection, final packaging and shipping.

Light Assembly

  • Medical Assembly
  • Mechanical
  • Displays
  • Parts Packaging
  • Custom Hand Assembly
  • Manufacture Sub-Assemblies
  • Electronics
  • Kitting
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Heat Staking
  • Adhesion & Gluing
  • Quality Inspection


  • Unit
  • Carton
  • Pouch
  • Bagging
  • Bulk
  • Sealing
  • Labeling - printing and affixing
  • Drop Shipping

WP Manufacturing
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